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 Lefterover loners

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Number of posts : 264
Age : 24
Clan : skyclan
Job/hobbies : Enjoy self
Mate : liontooth
characer 2 : Flamepelt
character 2 pic :
character 3 : Rockpelt
character 3 pic :
character 4 : Longwhisker
character 4 pic :
character 5 : Leoperdclaw
character 5 pic :
character 6 : Graystone
character 6 pic :
character 7 : liontooth:Dead:(
character 7 pic :
horse 1 : Flame
horse 1 pic :
horse 2 : lighting
horse 2 pic :
horse 3 : Tiger
house 3 pic :
twoleg 1 : Ben
twoleg 2 : Kevin
twoleg 3 : Mike
Registration date : 2008-05-15

PostSubject: Lefterover loners   Mon May 19, 2008 5:22 pm

I hav a prop! Iceeye, Tigerstars mate gave birth to her kits on my terriotory and asked my to rase them!( she died after giving birth) Then Ravenfeather, Crystalstream, Darkpaw, and Blackpaw come into my camp and ask if they should join. What should i do!!!!!!!!!! Then i found Tawnyfurs and lionpelts kits wondering around!!!!( Tawnyfur and lionpelt are dead

loner cats that lived: crystalstream, ravenfeather, darkpaw, blackpaw, dawnkit,marshkit, foxkit (those were tawnyfurs kits) lionkit, leoperdkit, tigerkit, and flamekit.(mother named them befor dieing, mother was iceeye and father was tigerstar)HHHEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!!!!!.

I am Hawkstar, leader of skyclan. I am a female with golden brown fur. My eyes are orange. I am a strong willed leader who is soft when needed and hard when needed. I care for all of my cats.Don't get me mad. Smile
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Lefterover loners
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